Altitude Chiropractic Center
5935 South Zang Street, Suite 250, Littleton, Colorado 80127
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Step 1)    Click below and register for your patient number and password to be emailed to you.

Step 2)
   Once you have your patient number and password emailed to you, log back on and fill out all tabs including INITIAL COMPLAINT and PATIENT DATA as completely as you can.

Step 3)  Then click on SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT and SELECT VISIT TYPE and choose NEW PATIENT VISIT to reserve a time to discuss your problems and concerns with your new doctor(s) of chiropractic.  Clicking on a time you want is all there is now.

Step 4)  A history and examination will be done to determine what your problem is.

Step 5)  X-rays may need to be taken.  We will send you to a nearby radiology facility if they are required.  These would assist in developing an effective treatment plan and ruling out more serious conditions.

Step 6)
  A report of findings will be done where your doctor(s) of chiropractic will go over their findings, your treatment plan, options, and costs.

Step 7)  Treatment.  If it is determined chiropractic may help, adjustments, physical therapy, or soft tissue therapy may be used.  Additionally, home instructions like ice, heat, stretches, exercise and activity counseling may be given.

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